Our iconic fence has decorated our community with the school of fish for years. Let’s update this tradition while supporting the Capitol Hill Foundation (CHF) to fund additional educators for our school.

Capitol Hill School of Fish

Beginning summer 2019, the CHF will begin to retire some of the current fishy occupants on our fence to make room for 6 new schools of fish. There will be a section for each grade, organized by their 5th grade promotion year (e.g. 2020, 2021, etc.). Then as each 5th grade class promotes to 6th grade, we’ll make room for the next kinder group! Each 5th grader can then leave Capitol Hill with their non-smelly fishy memento.

Each fish purchased will be cut, sanded and primed, then provided to the student for their own creative decoration. When finished, the fish team at CHF will add a protective varnish and then attach the fish to the fence in the appropriate group area.

Please order your fish along with a generous donation to help fund additional school educators. The suggested donation for each fish is $100 or whatever you are able to contribute! We hope every child will have a fish and will accept all donated amounts.