Dear Parent and Capitol Hill Community Members,

We would like to introduce you to the Capitol Hill Foundation (CHF). This new organization was activated to help advocate for our students and raise funds for additional educational staff at Capitol Hill.

Please visit our website where you can subscribe for email updates, make a donation to help, download the order form for our Brick campaign, and learn about our new School of Fish campaign to raise money and put new creative fish art pieces on the fence.

Why has the foundation been activated?

Due to state budget cuts, PPS raised class size by one student (for non title schools), thus, CH lost one full time teaching position for next year, even though our student numbers are relatively unchanged. As a result, we are expected to have 5 blended classes of 4th and 5th grade kids with approximately 32 students per class. While our remaining teaching staff is amazing and we know they will serve our kids to the best of their ability, this is not going to be an easy year for any of the affected students, teachers and parents. Nor for our school community to have one less teacher in the building.

Additionally, while the foundation has been activated to urgently address the current situation, we are committed to establishing the foundation as a persistent organization for our kids that will help raise funds for future years. These budget issues with PPS are not going to go away, and neither will we.

Differences Between the CHF and PTA

CHF = Teachers/Staff PTA = Enrichment Activities

Many schools have created their own foundation to specifically raise money for educational staff. Some examples include: Duniway, Glencoe, Bridlemile, Stevenson, Ainsworth, Reike, Sabin, Sellwood, etc.

Per guidance from Principal Kevin Walker, we need to raise 120K in order to hire another full-time teacher. PPS requires 30%, past the first 10K, to be contributed to the PPS Equity Fund. Jackson Middle School received 20K in equity funds this past year.

It is important to know that Principal Walker is responsible for all educator hiring decisions to support our kids, so it will be his decision for how best to use the funds we raise. All funds, regardless of the total amount raised, will be used to hire additional educators to support our students.  

The CHF Journey

In addition to new fundraising initiatives underway the CHF has developed two proposals for the PTA membership to consider. These proposals request a one-time donation from PTA funds. We have developed these proposals after a careful review of PTA finances and with the goal of preserving PTA programs.

Proposal #1 (Download PDF)

The Proposal #1 asks the PTA membership to approve a contribution of $30,000 to the Capitol Hill Foundation to help fund additional staffing for next year.

Proposal #2 (Download PDF)

Our second proposal requests that the PTA allow donors to reallocate their funds from the “Flexible Seating” restricted fund to the general fund and thus be available for donation.

Specifically: In alignment with the mission of the PTA and in support of the all the students and staff of Capitol Hill Elementary School, individuals who donated money during the “paddle raise” portion of the 2019 Auction shall have the opportunity to release the restriction on their donated funds and redirect some or all of their donation for flexible seating to the PTA unrestricted general fund. The PTA will tally these amounts and then contribute the entire sum of those monies to the Capitol Hill Elementary School Foundation (“Foundation”) to support the hiring of additional professional educational staff for the 2019-2020 school year. Redirection of funds must be complete by June 19, 2019. Funds will be deposited into the Foundation account by June 26, 2019. This proposal is legally supported via ORS 128.328.

Working Together

Our CHF and PTA share common goals. During a meeting in mid-May we established several shared objectives with a common purpose of supporting our students. This coming year our two organizations will collaborate to raise funds for our different objectives yet common goals. Already, the PTA has offered the CHF to assume the Brick campaign. To learn more about this effort, visit this page on our website.

CH Foundation members are PTA members. We value and appreciate the programs our PTA supports. Our mission is to increase staff and teachers by fund raising to create manageable class sizes and educational supports.


The volunteer board members of the Capitol Hill Foundation

  • Aprill McAllister (Myah and Mason’s mom)
  • Ali Hurd (Kailea and Zannahs Mom)
  • Robin Rouse (Dylan’s Mom)
  • Zach Horowitz (Yael’s Dad)
  • Maruti Gupta (Chetan and Ritwik’s mom)
  • Jon Sanford (Connor and Katie’s dad)
  • David Forero (Griffin’s Dad)

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