For the 2019-2020 school year beginning August 28th, 2019 PPS has cut funding to Capitol Hill Elementary School. The result is the loss of one full-time teaching position. The PPS recommendation for all schools facing these cuts is to combine all 4th and 5th graders into large blended classes.

At Capitol Hill, this will result in 5 blended classes with as many as 36 kids in each class.

The curriculum these kids will learn will be new and our amazing teachers will be trained to manage this situation; however, our community can do better.

With the requirement to support the PPS equity fund and the cost of PERS, we need to raise $120,000 before the start of the school year to allow Principal Walker to hire another teacher and re-balance the classes.

This is a hill we can climb together. We can do better. We need the support from area businesses to reach the top of this hill.

For sponsors who are interested, we will provide banner advertising on the fence that lines the perimeter of the school playground on SW Spring Garden and SW 19th Ave. Nearly 10,000 cars pass this fence every day. Additional advertising will be featured on our website and within all email communications.

Please sponsor our kids, support our teachers, help our community and promote your business by becoming a sponsor.

Premium Sponsorships = $2,500 or more.
Supporting Donors = $1,000

For questions, contact Griffin Tarlow (503) 740-9407
or Jon Sanford (503) 927-4470

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